Special dumplings with cottage cheese

Special dumplings with cottage cheese


For dumpling test:

  1. Flour 550-600 gr.
  2. Chicken egg 2 pcs.
  3. Water 250 ml.
  4. Vegetable oil 3 tbsp
  5. Salt 0.75 tsp

For stuffing on dumplings:

  1. Homemade cottage cheese 500 gr.
  2. Chicken egg 1 pc.
  3. Sugar 2 tbsp
  4. Vanilla sugar 1 tsp
  • Main Ingredients Eggs, Cottage Cheese, Flour, Sugar
  • Serving 9 servings


Knife, cutting board, large bowl, sieve, convenient container, whisk, plate, fork, tablespoon, teaspoon


Step by step recipe for making cottage cheese dumplings: We prepare the necessary products for the preparation of delicious cottage cheese dumplings. We prepare the dough for dumplings and break into a large bowl 2 pcs. chicken eggs, 0.75 tsp salt, 3 tbsp vegetable oil and mix. Add 250 ml to a bowl. warm boiled water and beat thoroughly with a whisk. Sift into a bowl in parts of 550-600 gr. flour and mix well. We form the dough with our hands, the finished base should stick together in one lump. Knead the dough on a table sprinkled with flour for 7 minutes, until it stops sticking to our hands and put it in a bag for 30 minutes. We prepare the filling for dumplings and in a plate with 500 gr. pour homemade curd 1 tsp. vanilla sugar. Add to the plate with cottage cheese 2 tbsp. sugar, break one chicken egg and mix well all the ingredients with a fork. We spread the dough on a table sprinkled with flour and mash it, cut it into three parts, after which we roll each part of the dough into a thin cake. Using a glass, we make blanks for making dumplings, which in turn are filled with curd filling, glue the edges, wrap them beautifully and put them on sprinkled with flour a large chopping board. In a pan of water boiled on the stove, which was previously salted to taste, put the desired number of dumplings and cook them by closing the pan with a lid for about 15 minutes. We spread the cooked dumplings on plates and serve to the table with sour cream or jam. We cook together, cook simply, cook at home the most delicious dishes from the available products according to our recipes! Bon appetit to all!